2nd July 2010

Yep, Apple’s ‘fix’ to the reception problem looks to be coming, and … no shocker …

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it’s apparently going to be just fixing the signal bar display to show fewer bars than before. Iknowright? Anandtech had already done some pretty good research on the issue and found that, indeed, the iPhone4 was showing a full 5 bars for a HUGE portion of the signal strength range (basically 40 of the ~62db from full- to no- strength), and also that bridging the external antennae with skin contact caused an average of 20db signal strength loss. Which meant that since even 4 bars could have been less than 20db from effectively no signal, you could drop a call/data by “holding the phone wrong” even with 4 bars, and that if you were in the low end of the 5th bar, you could drop all the way to 1 bar. Check out the skinny here. More details with a nice chart here.

Now…all this stuff aside, it looks like the iPhone really is a really nice smartphone with a great display. I don’t dislike the phone, just the companies you have to deal with to use it. Honest ;)

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